Xander the Monster Morpher: Universe Breaker

Made in Maryland, USA

Release Date:

August 2, 2019 (PC)

October 1, 2019 (Android)


PC and Android







Xander the Monster Morpher: Universe Breaker is a Monster-Catching third person shooter.  The player can catch the monsters they fight and add them to their team.  After the monsters are caught, they can be levelled up and fused with other monsters in order to customize their powers and abilities.

The game is narrative-focused, with the story starting off simple but slowly evolving into a snowball of mystery and backstabbing that culminates in entire universes being at stake.  Follow the adventures of Xander as he attempts to defeat the lord of all monsters - and when he figures out things aren't as simple as they seem.


>Catch and battle monsters in real-time third person shooter combat

>Fuse monsters together to customize movesets and passive perks

>Over 100 monsters, 200 attacks, 100 perks (and counting!)

>15+ hour long story (times may range greatly depending on playstyle)

>Postgame content

>Minigames and arena challenges

>Optional, catchable bosses


"Universe Breaker" is actually not the first Xander game.  I made the first Xander game back in 2011- but because I was new to programming and designing, the game looked terrible and it stayed on my hard drive.

Years later, I was feeling nostalgic for the game, so I decided to remake it slowly as a side project over the course of many years...  That's what every programmer tells themselves before ditching their main project in favor of the side project, and lo and behold, I don't even remember what my "main project" was at the time.

The Xander concept came from a simple desire- I love monster-catching games and wanted to make one.  Now, one of the things that always bothered me about the genre was its penchant for slow turn-based combat.  I have nothing against turn-based combat, but I craved  something different for this genre.  I was also a really impatient fellow who found it hard to sit through 40 hours of the same encounter animations.

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I have many more images and GIFs of the game and would be willing to record more.  Contact me if you want anything specific (through either email or twitter)

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